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No one saw his fervent pain.
No one saw the anger seething for within.
No one saw a young little boy,
Behind a grown man of sin.

No one dared to touch him,
Out of fear and orderliness.
No one dared to approach him,
And led to lies and faithlessness.

The innocence burns away,
Lava on a soul.
An innocence that burns so great-
His body burns to hell.

A fire hopeless to forgiving rain,
A rain smothered by the flames.
A young little lad and a young little girl,
Force love on their separate ways.

And on a planet far away,
Is you and me and him.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring?
Destiny acts on her own whim.

But one must fall for the other to stand,
Sin passed from kin to kin.
Redemption is far-fetched enough,
To be controlled therein.

Choirs shall sing of a final match,
And the two choices there are to make.
They say no third door will save the day,
And kill he must for our sakes.

Yet the impossible believe,
And the wretched door to take,
Can change a life, change a view-
And murderous fate forsake.

For what is a father without his son,
The guiding light doth shine.
Catharsis is a drug we all yearn for,
Tonight with dead armor we dine.
"And please father please,"
Ye call and ye yearn,
"Come back into the Light.
Come back from the fires and lava of hell,
And into the Endor night."

[guilt to flames shall burn anew]
[fire to innocence forever renewed]
Star Wars reminscent of you can't tell by the various references of Hell/Mustafar and that last Endor line. And if you can't tell by the horrible midnight ramblings in poem form of Luke and his dad's relationship.

Starts out Anakin-centric and slowly shifts towards Luke
(Last line of 8-lined stanza references Luke seeing his father's force ghost on Endor)

Author's analysis [link]
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rababco Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's pretty cool. It expresses both Vader's inner hell and Luke's thoughts and choices. It's pretty accurate that Luke is his father's guiding light (Luke even means light.) There's the mention of redemption that suggests that Vader wants to be saved from himself and Sidious' control but thinks he's too far gone and in darkness that he's incapable of being saved. I assume the line about a young lad and a little girl is about Luke and Leia.
talerano Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015
Amazingly written. U have to tell me how u made them!
SvalaW Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
This is such a beautiful and thrilling poem!
nyasha24 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
very well written. wouldn't of guessed
RyanTaylorGirl Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Very, very good. <3
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