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We Were But Legends
leofað cyning
We were but legends,
Seeking out the dust of our crumbling parchment,
Blotting out the drops of ink that caked the truth.
The arrows showered from our fortified Camelot walls,
Carrying the song of Albion with them.
We were but legends,
Our stories veiled in the dust our citadels were doomed to crumble into.
The translations lost in time,
The fairytales misconstrued,
The magic lied and lost.
The shopkeeper diligently sweeps, cleans and sings,
His young face so full of hope when the wind chimes to his shop door rings,
Falling when he sees no light in those eyes.
“Your king is dead” spells the air that sighs.
(For as he is quite aware,
There is no magic here).

We were but legends,
With the swords we took up and casted away,
Throwing them to the Lady who awaited us at the Lake,
Indulging in our leisure – earthly smile painted on her lips.
She would slip away only to come back and betray.
We were but legends,
Teaching the arrogant prince the
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Waltz I
Words just tumble through my head.
Ghosts are whispering them behind my ears.
No origin to trace,
Or to prove it's even real.
It takes two partners to start this dance;
You're leaving me hanging.
Are you afraid of the sound?
They're just letters and heaven knows,
I've built up a wall,
But you -you- just keep on breaking it down -own -own.
No swords or arrows.
No words.
No sounds.
My mind has a silver tongue,
But my mouth is quicker and more cunning than I would like it to be.
I'll regret my words, but yours just keep pouring
And oh -it's a knife to my pride -and at my side
You're wearing the woman's wedding veil,
White and pure, you say intentions sure.
Feeding me things I of "you'll need to know to grow and grow,"
I'm just the busy bee who has already stung.
Can you tell it to my face?
You're leaving me hanging.
Are you afraid of the sound?
They're just letters and heaven knows,
I've built up a wall,
But you -you- just keep on breaking it down -own -own.
No swords or arrows.
No words.
:iconvertigoevie:vertigoevie 3 0
Finished Kissing My Death
Spoilers for "The Angels Take Manhattan"
The days and nights in the TARDIS following the Ponds' departure were slow. The hours seemed forever endless; time ticked too slowly. Soon, everything became blurred. They had to keep moving on, keep walking, keep running, the two of them. The Doctor and River Song, never stopping long enough.
River stayed with the Doctor for a few weeks, holed up in a room somewhere in the back reaches of the TARDIS, typing away at Melody Malone. The tears fell freely as she neared the end of the book. The pain was still fresh in her mind and in her heart. She cried, but silently.
And every time she decided to take a break and step out of the room, she wiped away the tears and waited for the red in her eyes to disappear before walking out and putting on a smile for the Doctor. The last thing the Time Lord needed was to see someone, especially her, crying.
The Doctor didn't stop running. He kept flying the TARDIS off to distant lands, having adv
:iconvertigoevie:vertigoevie 27 6
Remember the Best (Wallpaper) by vertigoevie Remember the Best (Wallpaper) :iconvertigoevie:vertigoevie 12 0 Remember the Best by vertigoevie Remember the Best :iconvertigoevie:vertigoevie 86 3 Angry In Your Bones by vertigoevie Angry In Your Bones :iconvertigoevie:vertigoevie 8 0
Fix You
The Avengers sat around the meeting table at the deck of the repaired SHIELD helicarrier. Fury was debriefing the team on the latest thwarted extraterrestrial attack. The target had been a children's hospital and clean up was proving to be messy with all the patients displaced and much of the hospital staff –doctors and nurses included- injured and unfit for work due to the staff's preoccupation with protecting the kids. Fortunately, no injury was life threatening and the children that were injured only sustained mild cuts and bruises.
While everyone else listened with genuine or –in Tony's case- faked interest, Bruce sat in his seat, rubbing the bridge of his nose and blinking hard repeatedly, trying to keep himself awake. The Hulk had taken out nearly half of the alien visitors, leaving Bruce even more exhausted than he usually was after transformations. Fury's words were floating around in his head, unable to be strung together into coherent sentences. There was something
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Let Your Lungs Fill Up With Smoke
Part One
He holds onto the anger that General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross gives him. It's a familiar anger. It's the root of all his problems, of the situation he must now live with. It's a constant anger that is set at a low simmer. You see, Bruce Banner absolutely resents the general. There's nothing General Ross can do that will take that away, even if he wasn't a stubborn old military man.
It's incredibly ironic and Bruce laughs to himself whenever he thinks about it. The universe sure has a sense of humor, because the one thing that Bruce uses to control himself is the reason why he's like this in the first place: cursed and persecuted.
He's developed wanderlust now. SHIELD keeps the military away, which Bruce is grateful for. However, it's a sign that SHIELD wants him close by for the next disaster that strikes. But he can't. Sitting still in one place for too long makes him feel itchy; it makes him feel trapped. Even Tony tries to get him to stay, giving him a private tou
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To Be Honest (In My Defense)
I've always felt a little bit lonely.
I've always felt a little lost.
I've always felt the need to hide away,
To a place I thought I'd be safe.
I've always felt the need to run.
I've always felt the need to leave.
The path I took led to sorrow;
Same old, same old tomorrow.
But you showed me a garden.
And you showed me a life.
You pulled me up.
Guess that's why I feel this way tonight.
Now to be honest, I don't who to blame;
The anger's lost on me.
To be honest, there were signs I guess I just didn't want to see.
But in my defense
The way you acted,
The way you stared at me.
Well in my defense
The way you smiled
& laughed at everything.
'Cause you showed me a garden.
And you brought me to life.
You pulled me up out of this hole.
Guess that's why I feel this way tonight.
And I just want to know,
For the record before I go,
Did you ever see / anything we could be?
Did you know from the start you played with my heart?
Did you know I loved the way you say my name?
Did you know from the star
:iconvertigoevie:vertigoevie 8 10
I Giorni
I wish my life was a song,
A lilting melody of unceasing piano keys,
Ivory and ebony,
Strong fingers gliding over and confirming each note,
Each decision,
Each choice,
Each fragile thread of my fate.
         (My red string keeps tangling and I know not where to find you,
         If you are flesh and blood,
         If you are merely an apparition
              –a figure sprung from a crack–
         If you are blind and I am certain.)
But your harmony should fit like a glove,
Never wavering or distorting.
Our cadence should melt away into the black and white sheets.
There should be no caesura of uncertainty,
No poised conductor,
Only the endlessness of Corelli's synchronization.
:iconvertigoevie:vertigoevie 5 3
He was beautiful.
Almost like the last time Jack ever saw him. Impeccable suit, nasty scar gone. Those captivating eyes, those straight lips. And he was just there –waiting- like it was another Torchwood mission, so glad and relieved that Jack had finally showed up and when Jack looked at him…
His heart skipped a beat and broke. Ianto Jones, the bravest man on Earth, ready for battle, ready to die again. But there was just so much relief running through Jack's mind. He even pulled Ianto in for that brief hug just to convince himself that he wasn't dreaming.
It was real. He was real. Real as could be. Warmth, not coldness. Warmth. Real flesh and blood. Real mind and consciousness. Separate. Real. Living.
In all honesty, it was too much. Jack couldn't handle it. But oh, just looking at Ianto, that smile, that deadpan expression, it mended a little part of Jack's heart. Jack had other lovers before. John Hart had been one –and what a wonder it turned out the way it d
:iconvertigoevie:vertigoevie 2 10
Literature Time
I'm keeping a comfortable distance
because I don't want this.
This me, you
circling 'round it.
This pain, hollow
an empty pit.
[walk with me]
It's like the games kids like to play.
Hide & seek, where does your heart lie?
Tag! you're it, until my patience dies.
Cut to the chase, the chase
the thrill
the adrenaline chills.
[if it's something that you want]
Or does it flatter you?
Queen of attention-
Prince of heart.
You be the hiding; i'll be seeking.
You do the tagging; i'm left with the running.
[darling, you don't have to run]
You'll let the curtain fall,
just in time with my heart,
just in beat with the words of my mouth.
In time that comes, sprinting off you go
to the 14th floor heights with pale city lights and silly men fights.
You'll be the one to let me go.
[standing by as it falls apart]
I'm keeping a comfortable distance.
:iconvertigoevie:vertigoevie 4 1
Another Brick in the Wall by vertigoevie Another Brick in the Wall :iconvertigoevie:vertigoevie 3 0
Coming Back to it Now
Wise men say only fools rush in,
But that couldn't be us could it?
Wise men sit tonight at the altar,
Looking down on us –enjoying the view.
Looking back at it now,
We were too young.
Coming back to it now,
We were such fools.
Past has become so rearranged,
But look around you –seems nothing has changed.
And we're making our way through this strange, new place.
She wants to sing of fairytales,
And damsels with princes.
He wants a world of touchdowns and wins.
A girl knows how to talk and spin the world around to get her crown.
She knows how to make an enemy of a friend.
Looking back it now,
We were just talking and talking.
Coming back to it now,
We didn't know anything.
The future's bound to change;
Live while' you're at it, don't let it go away.
I'll be coming, coming, coming back for you.
Numbers on a page just fly away.
Letters and champagne run down the drain.
Numbers on a page just fly away.
Numbers on a page just fly away.
:iconvertigoevie:vertigoevie 8 1
Insolence and Ego
You cannot live in old glories;
You can't live in the past.
Old memories will fail you,
& swallow you whole.
Better to live in the moments-
Throw the ignorants off.
You can hold their strings with one hand,
& strangle the whims of the Man.
:iconvertigoevie:vertigoevie 4 0
That's Who I Am WP by vertigoevie That's Who I Am WP :iconvertigoevie:vertigoevie 11 4





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